‘100% Guaranteed X-ray Glasses!’ (2016)

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I don’t know whether it was the X-ray Glasses or Sea Monkeys that started the trend, but we have since slid into an age wherein no one thinks twice about practicing deception.

100% Guaranteed X-ray Glasses!

The biggest deception, of course, is that whole Man-Made Climate Change & Global Warming And Also Grow Hair! thing that crooks and liars hammer us with today. But I’m afraid it all started with someone selling X-ray Glasses through the 1950s comic books.

6 comments on “‘100% Guaranteed X-ray Glasses!’ (2016)

  1. Truth of the matter is that these blog posts (both yours and mine) are the best “100% Guaranteed X-ray Glasses.” By observing closely, turning over the news, and tearing it apart, we have an x-ray ability that the rest of the world ignores.

    Additionally, all of those who just gulp down the offerings of the mainstream media without looking at the competing ideas that make their ways through this filter, those are the ones who are making themselves “Sea Monkeys” floating around, barely perceptible in the little glass of water afforded to them.

  2. With X-Ray Glasses, you at least had something tangible, even if it didn’t actually work. Most of the climbit change crowd couldn’t match even that.

    1. We’ve also noticed lately that, in computer gaming, “HD/Hi-Definition” has become synonymous with “nowhere near as good as it used to be.”

    2. I dunno… “New, Improved!” was a much-derided and much-disbelieved advertising phrase when I was a boy.

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