Holy Spirit

From David Fischer’s blog (damarministries1991). We are not alone.   –LD

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  1. Yes, He certainly did and I thank Him every day for this tremendous blessing. He leads and helps in every way if we will but listen to His prompts. I couldn’t and wouldn’t want to live without HIM.

  2. Ronald Knox once referred to the Holy Spirit as the friend who’s always doing good things for us behind our backs.

    1. Hi, Tammy! I still report disgusting nooze every day; but on the upside, I’ve started writing my next book.
      Wonderful to see you back here!

    2. Update: She finally listened to the Holy Spirit and quit that stupid job that was killing her. She was falling asleep late at night while driving. Thank you, Lord, for getting her out of that before she killed someone.

      Thanks for asking, Tammy.

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