The Pope Is Wrong (So What Else Is New?)

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It’s Greek to him!

When he’s not busy shilling for the Climate Change cult, Pope Francis likes to tinker with the Bible.

Recently he authorized a change, an editorial emendation, to the Lord’s Prayer: from “lead us not into temptation” to “do not let us fall into temptation” (–because, he ‘splained, God is our father and He would never actually lead us into temptation, and what we’ve just put in must be a lot closer to the original intent of the prayer, etc.

Let’s go to the original Scripture, written in Greek. It’s possible Jesus first spoke it in Aramaic, but we have it written down in Greek, which every educated person in the Mediterranean world spoke in the First Century.

The Greek word translated as “lead into” is eisphero, meaning (according to Strong’s Concordance), “to bring or lead into,” “to carry inward.”

So the Pope is simply wrong. Not only in changing the meaning of a word, but also wrong in the sense that someone who doesn’t know what else is in the Bible is likely to be wrong in interpreting one of the few details of Scripture with which he has a nodding acquaintance.

The truth is that God does lead certain individuals into evil. Did He not harden Pharaoh’s heart, so that He could display His power against Egypt: so that the whole world could see that He is truly God? And in 1 Kings 22, to accomplish the destruction of wicked King Ahab, God put a lying spirit in the mouths of Ahab’s prophets, urging him out to battle. But because God is not a man, that He should lie, He did allow one prophet to tell the truth to Ahab–the whole truth, even that part about the lying spirit. And Ahab didn’t believe the honest prophet, and went to war, and was killed.

Not to mention 2 Thessalonians 2:11, “And for this cause [they refused to hear the truth] God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie.”

But then when you’re as busy as the Red Pope is, trying to establish “open borders” and lock up Climate Change deniers, it’s hard to devote a lot attention to God’s Word. He doesn’t have time to excommunicate Catholic politicians who vote for abortion, either.

If he’s a Bible scholar, I’m Spartacus.

11 comments on “The Pope Is Wrong (So What Else Is New?)

  1. Absolutely, he is dead wrong to tamper with Scripture. He is obviously unqualified to represent anything holy or true. The man is a disgrace and he has, time after time, done everything he can think of to further the agenda of satan. He or someone like him is prepared to become the false prophet in support of anti-Messiah. Warn everyone you know who could possibly fall into the trap of trusting this abomination.

    1. Even faithful Catholics — who are usually called “right-wing” by leftists and who are loudly reviled by Pope Francis — don’t trust him. Well, that’s not entirely true: We trust him to try to destroy the Church. This is a tribulation that’s somehow been visited on us for now.

    2. Meanwhile, the stuff that’s oozing out of a lot of our Protestant seminaries isn’t fit for anything. The whole Church is troubled.

  2. I once attended a church where someone saw fit to correct God’s political incorrectness by altering Isaiah 54:13 (All your sons will be taught of the LORD; And the well-being of your sons will be great.) to be more inclusive. I don’t think I ever went back, after that.

    1. My moment was when the new “minister” told me to beware of taking the Bible too seriously. By “too seriously” she meant “at all seriously.”

    2. Yep, the Bible is the complete, inerrant word of God, unless one of these theologian types disagrees in some way. 🙂 I would not want to answer for these things.

  3. As a Catholic, I have to say that this Pope troubles me often. He troubles even the most orthodox Catholic people I know.

    I’m not surprised our Protestant brethren are troubled as well.

    Dear Lord, protect us and save us all from error.

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