You Can Help Me Write an Article on Censorship

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Chalcedon has asked me to write a major article on how the social media are censoring and banning Christians and conservatives–in part because they’ve attacked us, too, and are running around calling us a “hate group.” And of course they would like to cut off all conservative voices from the national conversation in time for next year’s national elections.

I know that several of you, dear readers, have been banned, shadow-banned, or censored by assorted social media. If you would describe your experiences, I’d love to use them in the article–protecting your identities, of course. My point will be that it’s not just Christian ministries, pro-family groups, and prominent conservatives who are being censored, but also peaceful, law-abiding, ordinary people. Like us!

So come on, help me out–the more information you give me, the better. It will all be put to good use!

7 comments on “You Can Help Me Write an Article on Censorship

  1. I wish I could help, but I don’t use social networking at all, and my only contact with YouTube is to watch videos, not post them.

  2. I’ve never been banned, but I was listening to Bill Whittle and he made some excellent points. Hillary was supposed to win. The Left blames social media for Trump’s victory. It allowed people to hear the other side apart from mainstream media, which is predominately Left leaning. These crackdowns on social media to silence Conservative voices is an attempt to ensure something like Trump getting elected will never happen again.
    Some people think it’s their platform they can do what they want. But they are literally trying to sway future elections, and if we just accept it and let them get away with it we get what we deserve. have taken their masks off and shown their tyrannical nature. They arn’t even trying to hide it anymore.

    1. Everything leftids say and everything they do has one and only one intent: to grow the government, with themselves in charge of it.

  3. My wife is a daily Twitter user with over 2,000 followers. She preaches the Gospel strongly and expresses righteous indignation over our nation’s moral decline. But the only time she gets shadow-banned is for condemning Islam and its radical beliefs and practices.

    1. The user’s not supposed to know when she’s getting shadow-banned. Are there tell-tale signs when this happens? I’d like to know–for the article I have to write.

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