Court Socks it to College–$44 Million!

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Guilty as charged!

Looks like they might have to raise the tuition and fees at Oberlin College, Ohio.

A court has ordered the college to pay a total of $44 million dollars to a family-owned bakery which the college libeled as “racist,” etc.–$11 million for the libel, and another $33 million in punitive damages (

We rejoice.

In 2016 a “minority” student was caught shoplifting at Gibson’s Bakery. When Mr. Gibson followed the thief out the door, the thief’s playmates jumped him and beat him up. To college authorities this was a clear indication that Mr. Gibson and his whole family were a nest of racists who needed to be publicly, loudly, and frequently denounced by the gang at Oberlin.

That’ll be $44 million, please!

Our leftist-saturated colleges have been getting away with stuff like this for far too long. I guess it’s to be expected from yoinks who “teach” that there’s no such thing as truth or facts, only “constructs,” “your truth,” “my truth,” blah-blah-blah. Smackdowns like the judge just administered to Oberlin are very sorely needed.

If we can’t reform them, we can at least teach them that the tuition for libel is going up.

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  1. Reminds me of that cake baker in Colorado who has beaten two law suits against him by the State. Now, one of the lawyers is suing him as a private citizen. He is determined to ruin the man financially. The baker ways he is willing to bake a cake for anyone, only some cakes he will not bake because they go against his religious beliefs. May God be with this persecuted soul.

    1. The majority of Americans need to take action against this.
      The situation is simple. Either Christian America wins the culture war, lawfare and all… or Christian America dies. Win or die.

    2. It’s about supremacy. It’s the same reason they have been after Chic-fil-A for the past 7 years. What we are seeing is a rival of ancient paganism, and pagans don’t like competition, especially from Christians.

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