‘Obama: God Supports Transgender Rights’ (2016)

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Lest we forget! Lest we take next year’s presidential election for granted… and bring upon our own heads the calamity of one more Democrat president.

Obama: God Supports Transgender Rights

That means you don’t sit this one out, boys and girls–or there won’t be boys and girls anymore, if quobs like Obama have their way. That means you don’t toss your vote away on some quixotic third-party candidate who has about as much chance of winning as you do. And you don’t just sit there waiting for The Righteous Candidate to emerge from fantasy.

It’s gotten so we’re never more than one election away from losing our republic.

Don’t let it happen on your watch.

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  1. I experienced a sick feeling in my stomach when I read the 2016 article, remembering what life was like when Obama was our President. No wonder I am so high on Donald Trump as President – what a contrast!!

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