My Newswithviews Column, July 19 (‘What if the Past Judged Us?’)

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I wonder if he’d pray for us.

We’re always judging the people of the past, always finding them guilty–always virtue-signalling for 2019.

But what if the people of the past could judge our era, as we have judged theirs? Do you think we’d get off easy?

What if the Past Judged Us?

Meanwhile, I’m trying to understand why we ever let some communist paint a mural of George Washington’s life, and paid him out of the treasury. Why were we doing so much of that while FDR was president?

What goes around comes around.

4 comments on “My Newswithviews Column, July 19 (‘What if the Past Judged Us?’)

  1. Well written Lee. There’s plenty of things this generation can be judged for, and it will. Somehow people today think there so much better then people that lived hundreds or thousands of years ago, when really we’re not that different. Human nature hasn’t changed.

  2. One of your best, Lee. George Washington preaching to the sinful, adulterous generation of 2019 is a classic. I image George treated his slaves better than the Left treats blacks who are Christina conservatives.

    1. Archaeologists working at Mt. Vernon found hunting and fishing gear, including guns, in the slaves’ quarters.

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