My Newswithviews Column, July 25 (‘Our Racist, Sexist Moon Landing’)

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They really couldn’t have fit a couple of lesbians into that LEM?

Are you getting as tired of this race crap as I am?

Of one blood God made all the nations of the earth (Acts 17:26); but of course leftists are trying to un-make God’s creation. And trying to wipe out our history.

Our Racist, Sexist Moon Landing

If you “remember” things that never happened, you’re probably crazy. And if you can’t remember things at all, you have amnesia. Either way suits Democrats just fine.

10 comments on “My Newswithviews Column, July 25 (‘Our Racist, Sexist Moon Landing’)

  1. The proof of the pudding, it is said, is in the eating. Every part of the horrors being inflicted upon us today including perversion and violence, is DEMONIC! Satan hates God and he hates His children, mankind. Look at what is being thrust upon us and know its origins. We are not at war with men but with the dark forces of evil.

  2. Right on, Valerie
    We must always be aware of anything that is against the truth of Scripture, and avoid it, fight it, and pray for the lost souls that are trying to establish our enemy’s rule.

  3. My experience is that people who are fixed on race are usually the most racist people of them all.

  4. Amen, Lee.

    I’m currently retreading Carrying the Fire, Michael Collins account of the first moon landing. The task was beyond immense. These guys worked 16 hours a day to fly to the moon and back. There was no room to worry about Political Correctness and anyone that wasted their time on PC issues would have never been able to do the job.

    Scientifically, we are worlds ahead of 1969, but our weakened society could never muster the will to make it happen again.

  5. Why doesn’t the Left come right our and agree verbally with the Muslims that America is the Great Satan and just get it over with? Their slicing up of America a few cells at a time is giving me a headache. If they hate America so much why not just say it, “We hate America!”

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