‘”Climate change” Con Artists Caught Again’ (2015)

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The truth has begun to seep out–“Climate Change” is not about Saving The Planet. It’s about “fundamentally transforming the economic system.” In English, that means imposing communism.

But we’ve been saying this for years. How many times have these “scientific” agencies been caught lying and cheating? For instance:

‘Climate Change’ Con Artists Caught Again

There we had NOAA, an agency of the federal government, caught feeding us fictitous   temperature readings to try to convince is that the Planet’s Heating Up And We’re All Gonna Die!! unless we give them vast new powers. And a lot more of our money.

I’m sorry, but if you still believe these people, there’s something wrong with you.

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    1. A: Liberals always hate their own country.
      B: Climate Change is a liberal project.
      C: The purpose of that project is to hurt America. It’s inconceivable that any lib would ever do anything to help America.

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