Cheat Your Way into College!

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What do you suppose he majored in?

Watch out, here comes another college admissions scandal [thanks to Susan for the news tip].

What do you do if you’re way too “wealthy,” whatever that means, to qualify for financial aid for college, but not quite wealthy enough to eat the prodigious cost?

Easy! Just transfer guardianship of your offspring to some family member who’s not so well-off, who does qualify for aid–problem solved (…) [Sorry, the rest of the link is too long to fit on the page.]

Question! All right, college costs a fortune. You’ve already spent $600,000 “educating” two kids, and now it’s the third kid’s turn and you don’t have another $300,000–so you finagle the system: you cheat. But what are you getting for your money? What is so freakin’ great about college that it’s worth so flamin’ much money?

Why does college cost so much?

So here are people cheating to get their kids into college. The Dept. of Education is investigating: somebody noticed when suddenly there were an awful lot of guardianship transfers in the Chicago area. We can always count on Chicago. It may be that this practice is not technically illegal–because no one ever anticipated the need to pass a law against it.

But even with virtually everybody going to college after high school, there are still some deserving students–I’m sorry, I don’t know why I said “deserving”: who deserves college?–who won’t get in because someone else cheated.

Educating ourselves to death, that’s what we’re doing…

3 comments on “Cheat Your Way into College!

  1. Sinful people will always find a way to game the system, which is a great argument for a small gov’t. And if Harvard & Yale are so great, why don’t they open it up to more of those who qualify? Could it be their students aren’t really getting a good education at all?

    1. Harvard and Yale would expand in a heartbeat if they could get the feds to pay for it. By “feds” I mean us.

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