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It’s Tanystropheus Time!

All right, I give up on the nooze today, I totally give up. I’m old enough to remember when serious people used to run for president, but now it’s a freak show. I know it’s part of my job to cover nooze, but I’m sick of writing about these people. Bob Knight has a column on townhall.com today about questions he’d ask them if he were moderating one of their debates. I would ask, in addition to those, the following:

“What are you doing out of your straitjacket?”

“How many times a day do you sing ‘Imagine’?”

“What terrible thing happened to you in your childhood, to make you turn out like this?”

And so enough’s enough. And that means… well, what time is it, boys and girls? What time is it?

It’s Tanystropheus time!

I’m so happy I finally found one of these in an unexplored, uninhabited region of Lintum Forest. I don’t bother with the evolution fairy tales: this animal was just plain cool. Nothing like it before or since. It makes its debut in the story I’m currently writing, The Wind From Heaven–which, I say, is galloping like mad to some destination yet unknown to me. I can hardly wait to see what happens next.

Do You Really Want Me to Write About This S***?

See the source image

I was going to post some nooze this afternoon, honest. But as I scanned the headlines trying to decide which items to use, it seemed infinitely more desirable to publish another picture of a Baluchitherium. Biggest land mammal that ever lived–and King Ryons couldn’t have rescued his city without one.

Really, the news today is total dreck. Nothing but one jidrool after another flapping his jaw, her jaw, and spewing out political pornography. It’s supposed to make us want them to rule our country. Presuming we’re as hopelessly insane as they are.

Now I know there are no Baluchitheriums living on the earth today, despite how dearly I would love to see one. My hope is that God has stored them someplace safe, somewhere in the vastness of Creation, and that someday He will let me see them. In the sweet by and by.

*Sigh. Now it’s going on two o’clock. I’ve already had my bike ride and it’s too hot to do another one. Will anybody mind if I go outside and try to start writing the next chapter of my book?

I’m Cheesed Off

Image result for images of angry lizard

I have absolutely had it with leftids, their faces contorted in a snarl, their words being forced through clenched teeth, eyes popping out of their heads, calling normal people “haters” and bragging about how much they hate our hate, hate us, hate our country, hate our God, and just hate it like rug-chewing crazy when we don’t obey them.

And I’m fed up with Democrat governments, great and small, all trying to control every aspect of everybody’s life. These people are addicted to power. The least little taste of it makes them roaring drunk. Here in New Jersey they’re trying to get smoking banned outdoors–on the beaches, for starters.

All right, nobody wants to go to the beach and have to plod through a lot of cigarette butts. So you provide trash baskets. But we are talking about a “pro-choice” mob that does nothing but try to take away everybody’s choices. The only time they aren’t grabbing for power over others is when they’re asleep.

Sorry–I’ve spent a week covering nooze and it’s got my blood boiling. I need a rest.

I will now go outside and have a cigar before it starts raining, on this beautiful cool day. I will remind myself that I saw a whole herd of deer on my bike ride this morning–two spotted fawns, two females, and a young male with a starter set of antlers. And Patty has rented a good movie for us to enjoy this afternoon.

And I will try not to think about the nooze.

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