The Far Left Death Cult: the Movie

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I can hardly wait till it’s remade as a musical…

How deep is the mental illness of the Left?

Well, take Hollywood, f’rinstance. They’ve made a movie called The Hunt–all about wealthy libs killing us deplorables for sport: like, you deserve to be murdered if you’re “anti-choice” (in English, “opposed to abortion”) (

See, if they can’t force you to support Diversity by agreeing with every word spoken by a Democrat, if they can’t rule over you and force you to obey… well, then they’d like to kill you. Because they’re passionately angry with you for not rendering them due reverence.

This movie is so far-out, even some of the liberal media have pulled the ads and trailer. Twitter has pulled the trailer, perhaps for fear that watching it might inspire some liberal wacko to start killing people–a not unreasonable fear.

This is the Loving Left, everybody. Sponsored and fostered by your Democrat Party. If they can’t rule you, then they want to kill you.

I say it’s wisest to believe them–and put them out of business before they can destroy our country.

5 comments on “The Far Left Death Cult: the Movie

  1. Actually, I am astonished that the film wasn’t the other way round with us eeeeeeevil conservatives hunting down poor, decent, kindly liberals who would win in the end. Actually, I believe that the film presented in THIS way is far more significant than I first thought. It may be that the Left no longer has to hide behind the image of decency and goodness but is comfortable enough in its demonic morals to make THEMSELVES the true power and able to destroy all who oppose them. If, indeed, the Left has gotten to that point in the West, we are indeed entering the End Times!

  2. I believe you are both right. Things are truly winding down to the end of the age, and will come to a climax pretty soon.

  3. The more people express their outrage the more people will go to see what the movie and what all the fuss is all about. I imagine it is a satire, but still in bad taste. The makers of “The Hunt” are the same people railing bloody murder about how President Trump’s words are responsible for the past two shooting sprees.

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