Down with Nation-States?

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“We don’t need no stinkin’ nation-states!”

Nation-states “should not exist” and citizenship is “arbitrary,” “ridiculous,” and merely “a social construct,” self-proclaimed intellectuals from a not-quite-real “Freedom University” told an audience of–well, presumably students, at St. Olaf University recently (

See? They don’t even pretend to make sense anymore. And you can always get an audience for that kind of thing at St. Olaf’s. The patron saint of Norway is very poorly served by the school that bears his name.

“Freedom University” serves “undocumented youth”–persons who are here illegally–and although it has a website, it occupies “an undisclosed location” somewhere in Atlanta.

So, okay, we get rid of nation-states–then what? What do we have in their place? My guess would be boiling chaos. They would certainly try to set up some kind of world government to keep the whole thing from blowing sky-high; and just as certainly it would fail.

But think of the fun they’d have, trying!

The far left is no longer sane, they’re all as crazy as bedbugs, and our colleges and looniversities cater to them like royalty. And they do it on our dime.

“Educating” ourselves to death…

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  1. The philosophy of utopianism is really at the heart of global government. They think if we can just come together there will be peace on earth. But the Bible says just the opposite is going to happen. When global government fails, everyone fails.

  2. The only way a world gov’t can be built is by coercion. The same with establishing a socialist state. You end up with China’s social credit system. When Marxism’s, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need,” it is the elite who decide what your need is.

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