‘Scientific’ Rubbish–and Why We Believe It

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Would Mr. Spock ever lie to you?

How do we wind up believing in all-knowing, all-wise space aliens, human evolution into supermen, and intergalactic travel?

In Scientific Mythologies: How Science and Science Fiction Forge New Religious Beliefs, author James Herrick explained exactly how. I reviewed his book in 2015.


We may not be able to provide everyone in America with a solid scientific education, but we can certainly load them up on science fiction, dumbed-down popular science, and sheer mythology. Herrick abundantly demonstrates that the “science” that has so many people in awe of it is hardly science at all–it’s mostly TV.

Forget about observing nature, collecting data, studying what’s been observed, subjecting it to verifiable experiments, and then coming up with a theory or an explanation that fits the facts–who has time for all that? And it’s boring! So much more enlightening to have some Hollywood celebrity lecture you on “climate change.” Or some actor who played a space alien in a Star Trek movie.

This is a thick, meaty book, jam-packed with information. You can learn a lot by reading it.

And you will be able to answer the question, “When is ‘science’ not science?”

6 comments on “‘Scientific’ Rubbish–and Why We Believe It

  1. There is plenty of true science in the Scriptures, and that is altogether trust-worth. Whenever we read or hear any of the fantasy science, it is quickly discernable as just that; fiction. It just irritates me to even hear the words
    “millions of years old…”
    We can just look around at the world and the way things are progressing, and even the unbelievers can discern a lot, especially those who still possess a working mind.

  2. Many have discarded the ‘Fiction’ out of Science Fiction . Then the Myth part takes over. Satan is alive and well on planet Earth.

  3. Religion, in the sense of well-known denominations, has declined greatly in the last 50 years. In place of Christian beliefs, people have come up with a sort of “roll your own” belief system which may borrow from any number of philosophies. Blurring the line between fact and fiction only makes it worse.

  4. Taylor Swift has now become political as a flaming progressive, so those who idolize her will follow her because they have no depth. Kanye West is now holding church services on Sundays – will those who idolize him follow suit? Probably not, because embracing Christ requires depth of character – knowing your need of a Savior.

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