All About Those Weird Knuckle-Bears

Here’s everything you ever wanted to know about those strange animals called “knuckle-bears” (because they walk on their knuckles)–plus some stuff that you can just ignore, about evolution and jillions of years, etc.

These were once found all over the world, but now they’re supposed to be extinct. If you read Bell Mountain, you know they’ve reappeared in Lintum Forest, venturing out at night and silently returning in the stillness of the dawn. Not even Helki knows where they sleep and bear their young.

It seems the Lord Our God was particularly creative when He made these. What are they? They seem to be a jumble of all these other animals–horses, bears, gorillas, tapirs, rhinos, and sloths… Don’t believe anyone who says Science has nailed down the chalicotheres’ place in the animal kingdom.

If you’re one of the few who’ve been to Lintum Forest and actually seen the knuckle-bears, you won’t even try to pin them down.

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    1. I have it in my Amazon book list. I plan on getting it for my son. I think he’s old enough? He’s 9. If not, we will read it together at bedtime. 😁

    2. A lot of people have told me their young children found the books quite enjoyable. I wrote them with 12-year-olds in mind, but who am I to argue?

  1. Taxonomy seems to serve the interests of evolutionists. If all was created by a wise Creator, the similarities taxonomists so love to expound upon lose much of their meaning. This was a stand-alone creation, much like a horse, but resembling sloths and even gorillas in some facets. God wasn’t bound by the rules of human taxonomy.

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