‘Little Kiddies’ “Racism” Up 33% in Britain, Government Says’

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Do we really hate our children so much as to sentence them to school?

It’s been three years since the people of Britain voted for Brexit, and they still don’t have a Brexit.

They didn’t get the chance to vote on whether they wanted their public “schools” to be used as people-crushing factories, but they still have that.  So… what you vote for, you don’t get; what you don’t vote for, you get–is that how it works?

Little Kiddies’ ‘Racism’ up 33% in Britain, Government Says

Government, police, and “educators” have teamed up to search out and destroy young children who perpetuate such Racist hate crimes as asking another child if he came from Africa. Society must be protected from this! We can scare people into loving each other! We hate hate! Blah-blah…

This is what serving false gods looks like.

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  1. Good one, Lee. Samuel Blumenthall was one of my FaceBook friends before he died. He spent 50 years of his life fighting against “public” education, and wrote many excellent books on the subject. What we are witnessing today is over 100 years of Progressives conspiring to dumb down the populace to form a Socialist country.

  2. The school system is a ready made playground for persons whom desire to dominate and control. Certainly, not every teacher is like this, but the ones that are of such a nature can do a lot of damage. I recall wondering why school teachers had the right to test students poorly and recall being impugned as lazy and worthless, just because my handwriting was poor.

    In such an environment, add in some political agendas and you have a recipe for disaster. Two of my nephews were home schooled for at least part of their education and both are doing well. One runs his own business, the other is taking technical courses without a degree program and will probably end up a network engineer, taking after his uncle. Both of these young men were failed by the educational system and both did better home schooling.

    1. The problem is that they seem to think that they have the right to say anything they want to their students. The whole setup is wrong minded. It can’t be fixed, because it is based on a flawed premise.

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