This Pope Is Crazy

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If you thought Common Core was bad, wait’ll you see what Pope Francis has in mind.

The Red Pope wants a “Global Pact on Education”–sort of like Common Core for the whole world–which, he hopes, will establish a “new humanism” ( Not that the old humanism that we have now is anything to write home about.

Ya see, says the pope, the purpose of this scheme is “to create a global change of mentality through education.” Does that sound good to you? It sounds mighty bad to me. Maybe we could have a single global authority in charge of all the schools in all the countries of the world. I hear Beelzebub would like the job.

Does this man believe, in his wildest dreams, that Christians who believe God’s word would have any input at all into what is taught in these schools, and by whom? I mean, really, who told him that–a six-foot-tall bunny? Is he quite all there? Mother Miriam, one of many Catholics who is not exactly on board with this pope, says his global Common Core would “wipe out Christianity” and ruin the family. And that’s if it’s actually better than it looks.

Again–just how much lunacy can our civilization absorb before it cracks altogether? It’s not good to have a crazy Pope. Not good for anyone.


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  1. Not one thing this pope has said or done makes any sense at all to me. I am really grateful to not be one of his followers

    1. I’m one of those very, very unhappy Catholics. Some of us are saying that this Pope isn’t crazy but evil. I don’t want to make that kind of judgment (I’ll let God judge the state of his soul), but I do see, from everything Francis says and does, that he despises Catholicism and orthodox Catholics. This is Not A Good Thing in a Pope. (Do I win an award for the understatement of the year?)

  2. This is pretty distressing. I’m not Catholic, but know for a certainty that there are many Catholics whom are devout, sincere persons whom desire to live as Christians. This pope is tearing the Catholic Church apart. More significantly, he seems to oppose anything whatsoever the seeks to advance the cause of Christianity.

  3. Hi Lee,

    Speaking as an “orthodox” cradle Catholic, I agree with you on most things. I too am very worried about the current pope.

    On the other hand, Pope John Paul II was as true as they come. I believe he is a saint. But, I’m afraid you are using a photo of him playing around. It’s not Pope Francis.


    1. Well, that’s an embarrassing mistake on my part. I didn’t recognize Pope John Paul II–because of that thing he was doing with his eyes. I do remember he had a playful streak, it was one of the things that endeared him to the world. I am afraid I’ve been a bozo.

    2. Thanks for mentioning this, Evelyn. I was going to do it, but then I thought maybe Lee was making a joke about John Paul keeping his eye on Francis, or something else that I’d missed. 🙂

  4. I am very offended by this post – why is it a 10 foot bunny who told him? Couldn’t you have made it a 10 foot snake? 🙂 This Pope is way out of line. I wonder if the Roman Catholic Church has a way to remove a wayward pope?

    1. It was an allusion to the movie “Harvey,” in which Jimmy Stewart has a relationship with an imaginary 6-foot-tall rabbit.

    2. Especially since Francis doesn’t like rabbits anyway. He’s infamous for having said of people with large families, “They don’t have to be like rabbits.” One of my Catholic friends, who has nine children, was absolutely livid when he heard about this.

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