‘Are These People Quite All There?’ (2016)

Global government personified!

Back in 2016 globalist schmendricks like John Kerry were already touting a “borderless world.” Which is what Climate Change and King COVID are all about, in case you hadn’t noticed.

Are These People Quite All There?

Please understand this. If you get rid of all the little governments that we know as “countries,” and replace them with one big huge government that will govern the entire world… the results will be horrific. Unimagineably bad.

But then, of course, it’ll be too late to do anything about it.

Anyone who wants to give that kind of power to the likes of John Kerry has got more than a few bats in his belfry.

This Pope Is Crazy

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If you thought Common Core was bad, wait’ll you see what Pope Francis has in mind.

The Red Pope wants a “Global Pact on Education”–sort of like Common Core for the whole world–which, he hopes, will establish a “new humanism” (https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/popes-proposal-for-new-humanism-would-wipe-out-christianity). Not that the old humanism that we have now is anything to write home about.

Ya see, says the pope, the purpose of this scheme is “to create a global change of mentality through education.” Does that sound good to you? It sounds mighty bad to me. Maybe we could have a single global authority in charge of all the schools in all the countries of the world. I hear Beelzebub would like the job.

Does this man believe, in his wildest dreams, that Christians who believe God’s word would have any input at all into what is taught in these schools, and by whom? I mean, really, who told him that–a six-foot-tall bunny? Is he quite all there? Mother Miriam, one of many Catholics who is not exactly on board with this pope, says his global Common Core would “wipe out Christianity” and ruin the family. And that’s if it’s actually better than it looks.

Again–just how much lunacy can our civilization absorb before it cracks altogether? It’s not good to have a crazy Pope. Not good for anyone.