the Evilusion Of “the’ Humbing Bird Moth!

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Some guy he “is” Not in Collidge so he dont know anny thing,, he hased changlled me to explane “The” evilusion Of The humbing Bird Moth and i amb a eggspurt on “this” becose i has been shooted Up “whith” alll themb Moth horemoans in facked I has moth Antenners on my fourhead!! Fore a litle wile thare i was wherried i mite wind up “like” Vintsint Price in The Fligh only i gess That “is” “not” goingto hapen!!

It “is” Ovvius to anny one whoo Is a Interllectural that ether the humbing Bird Moth it Evolved “in to” The Humbing Bird oar elss the Humbing Bird it Evolved In To the Humbing bird Moth!!!!Ether way that “is” watt hapens and it taiked a billyin yeers give “or” taik a fiew!!!!

Haow dose It hapen?? Wel thats eezy!! it “is” a cumbinnasion of Natchrul Sellecksion and Muteacions cuased “by” Kozmick Ray,, one of themb rays it Gets “Looose” and hits some aminal’s jeans and cuases theeze hear “litle Tiny” Chainges and affter a cupple milyin of those yiu has a Campleatlie Diffrint Creeture!!!!!!

Watt “is” “Not” “so” eezy to figgur Out is witch come Firsst the Humbing bird Moth oar “the” humbing Bird!! To fined oaut this yiu has got “to” wholed a Sayonce!! Butt it “is” eevin moar Affishant jist to keep chaingin the Settlled Scyience back And forth fromb One To The otther that whay yiu whill awlyaws Be rihght at leest haff The Timeb!!!!!! and nhow i gess that gye he “is” sari he taiked me “on”!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Joe, you are really becoming a powerhouse in the progressive movement. How about working for Hillary Clinton for President, and when she hears about it she will officially enter the race?

    1. He thinks she’s already in the race officially, along with Obama who should be president for life and all the other progressives should be presidents, too… His politics are somewhat muddled.

  2. Joe,

    I actually learned something from you today. You explained something I’ve personally experienced. Here’s the deal: I have a big yard, but I’m a cheapskate, so I mow it with a line trimmer. Now yesterday, I was mooing, make that mowing, (sorry, but Joe’s spelling is contagious) the yard and sometimes the line trimmer will throw up pebbles, and that’s what I thought happened, because something hit my jeans. But now I know that it was a cosmic ray, and it really works, because I’m pretty sure that I’m smarter today than I was yesterday. In fact, I’m now so smart, that I could actually read and understand your interlectual post. The Settled Science thing makes sense too. It’s like a broken watch that is right twice a day. 🙂

    Well, I’m so smart now that I have to go. All that lawn mowing should have caused climbit chains, at least in my yard, but it’s so cold that I had to light the furnace and reprogram the thermostat. So, because I’m now as smart and interlectural as you (thanks cosmic Ray) I’m going to go tie my lawn mower to a tree and leave it running all night so that there’s climbit chains and it will be warm when I wake up in the morning.


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