Peep’s All Right (Mostly)


Thank you all for your prayers on behalf of our cat, Peep.

The vet called with the blood work results today, and Peep is basically all right, except her kidney numbers are moving into the high end of “normal,” necessitating an ounce of prevention. We’re going to try Vitamin D, recommended by the doctor. This shouldn’t be too hard to manage.

We still suspect that our cats’ food might be a trifle too salty, but haven’t decided what to do about it. Something in the formula might have changed, maybe accidentally. But at least there’s nothing wrong with either Peep or Robbie.

Thanks again for your prayers.

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  1. Praise be to God! Dear little Peep.

    Maybe a little more water in her food would help? I know, I know: You can bring a cat to water, but….. However, sometimes just mixing a tiny bit or water into Iggy’s food gets him to take more moisture. He somehow never learned how to drink out of a bowl or saucer. He tries to scoop the water into his mouth with his paw, and he usually gets more on the floor than inside himself. I dunno, maybe one of his ancestors was in Gideon’s army.

    1. Peep and Robbie are both drinking more water than they used to, and peeing more. We don’t know why, but at least they’re not sick.
      And yes, she is a little dear. Just now she’s sitting with Patty at the other computer.

    1. I’m not sure. It’s pretty much an entirely meat based dried car food that the breeder recommended. It may be somewhat regional to the West, but there are other similar brands.

    2. It’s a bit more costly, but actually not that bad, considering that cats get more nourishment per gram than with most cat foods. I bought $100 worth on sale nearly a year ago and still have more than half of it left.

  2. Yay! I’m so glad to hear it! You might want to ask your vet about a supplement called Standard Process Feline Renal Support. It’s a chewable tablet that can be crushed and added to food. My vet put my old cat on it when she showed early signs of kidney disease. Getting a cat water fountain helps too if you don’t already have one.

    1. I’ll second the water fountain idea. I have a Drinkwell for my cat and change the filter monthly. It gives her good tasting, clean water that runs 24×7.

    2. I originally got one for my old cat, but all the pets love it now. We got a Catit brand flower fountain. It’s super quiet and easy to clean, so I love it too! No more water mess on the floor from the pets knocking the bowl around and digging in it.

    3. Our cats are drinking tons of spring water. Getting water into them, or pee out of them, is not the problem. We’re not quite sure yet what the problem is. I think there might be too much salt in their food, but what do I know?

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