‘Canada’s Own Little Inquisition’ (2014)

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(The green one is probably a “Hater”)

A few years ago one of Canada’s biggest banks sought to “promote diversity” by freezing out anyone who cleaved to Christian moral teachings about sex. In Diversity regimes, it’s so important to have everyone think alike!

Canada’s Own Little Inquisition

Covering so many stories like this has taught me something.

For leftists, “you” are only the sum of your external characteristics. Your soul, your mind–those things aren’t real and they don’t count. There is no “you” in you. There’s only whatever’s on the outside.

These people are dangerous.

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  1. Science has concluded there is no such thing as consciousness, that we are just experiencing epiphenomenon. Gee, I thought I was communing with God’s consciousness by His Spirit that indwells me by faith in Jesus Christ and His death on the cross for my salvation. Boy, was I delusional. I guess I will light a candle to Science and then commit suicide.

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