‘Happy Earth Day…Not!’ (2012)

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Lest we forget…

In 2009, the prime minister’s top”science” advisers advised him that Britain would have to get rid of more than half its population so as to build a “sustainable” society. They didn’t tell him how he was to dump 32 million people off the island.

Happy Earth Day… Not!

C.S. Lewis got it right, after all: the ultimate goal of the satanic enterprise we know as leftism is to exterminate the human race. If they can knock off the animals and plants, too, they’ll do it. Because their master’s objective is to un-create Creation.

That’s what lies behind all the “science” and the virtue signalling. Read Lewis’ That Hideous Strength for a crisp, clear picture of it.

10 comments on “‘Happy Earth Day…Not!’ (2012)

  1. Excellent book but I wonder if Britain had to get RID of people to sustain life, why the hell were they IMPORTING them — and bad ones at that??

  2. Yeah, seems there is a lot of confusion there. It is in this country, too.
    They use one goal to obscure another. The old shell game.

  3. That’s exactly what is going on here. The standing orders from the bible are to fill the earth. What happens next is up to God, but He has the situation well in hand. The climb-it chains crowd wants to contradict this and tells us that life is not sustainable. That is definitely Satanic.

  4. The ultimate irony is that the UK now actually has a health department called the NICE, just like in Lewis’ novel. This is the creepy way they describe themselves on their website:

    “ The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) provides national guidance and advice to improve health and social care.”

    1. This doesn’t surprise me at all. We are in some deep yogurt these days. People actually buy into this nonsense. What gets me the most is that the faction of the Left which emerged in the mid-sixties was all about rejecting the buzzwords and propaganda of the establishment. Now they have become the establishment and are using buzzwords and propaganda to a much greater extent than was in use in the ’60s.

  5. “Because their master’s objective is to un-create Creation.” What a statement. President JFK said America’s problem was not a moral one but a technological one – man, was he ever wrong about that. What we have today is technology and science divorced from morality. Inspired from a Dusty Springfield song, “What the world needs now is Christian morality.”

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