Presidential Timber… with ‘Wet Leg Hair’

Has it truly come to this–a presidential candidate babbling about children rubbing his “wet leg hair” while he was a lifeguard, long ago?

Well, that’s what he’s doing in this video, shot in 2017.

People are actually thinking of voting for this guy for president? Say it ain’t so. But we can’t say that, can we?

Again I ask–are there that many people out there who truly have not the foggiest idea of what a president is, or what a president does?

A sobering thought: most of the Democrat candidates are even worse. That’s why this, er, man is leading the pack. Crikey, he was our vice president for eight years.

Hairy legs and all.


15 comments on “Presidential Timber… with ‘Wet Leg Hair’

  1. It is just so astounding to remember the dignity and intelligence of the founding fathers, think of all those down line and then to finally arrive at this point in time and observe the “leaders” of our country.
    Scripture tells us clearly, that God will raise up the vilest of men into leadership, and He has a good reason for doing so. It is supposed to be a wake up call to the people. I hope it begins to move our population SOON.

  2. If an ordinary citizen had talked this way about getting children to fondle his legs and jump into his lap, he’d have been investigated by the police.

    1. I can just imagine a lifeguard at our town’s municipal pool running for office and giving a speech about letting the kiddies run his wet legs. He’d be lucky to get out of town alive.

  3. “I love roaches.” “I love kids jumping on my lap.” Since he’s obviously out of control, Biden should be controlled – behind cold steel bars in a padded room. With a large TV on the wall playing all of his campaign tapes over and over until he dies. He won’t mind – he’ll just think he’s still running for something. I’ve despised politicians, disrespected politicians, and thought of them as low and stupid as a rusty nail, but this 2020 democratic lineup terrifies me.

    1. I distinctly remember being a reporter, lo these many years ago, and interviewing relatively normal persons who happened to be Democrat politicians. What happened to them? Did everybody who’s not a loony get chased out of the party?

      Based on my own experiences–heaven help me, I used to be a Democrat (college’s fault: and I grew out of it)–I’d say the party began an irretrievable slide into the spitoon when the McGovernites took it over. I was there. I saw it. And it was the beginning of the end.

    2. I hear you. But I was a democrat UNTIL I began college because the college was further left than most and it felt like being in an institution with thousands of Joe Bidens – lol

    3. OOPS, again!! I meant that I was democrat when I started college but turned right before I graduated.

    4. It took me several years to get out of it–but that county convention that turned into a McGovern-fest got me well and truly started.

    5. Yes, it was the McGovern coup that got me interested in US politics. Before that I was paying more attention to Israel because of the brutal injustice against it. Nevertheless, I do wish I had become involved in local politics long before I actually did. Not that it would have made a difference, right…

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