We Deamanned eezy Corses!!!

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Tooday we hadded “a” meating of The Stodent Soviet to de-manned fromb nowh “on” thare be Nothing butt Reel Eezy Corses hear at Collidge so evry One thay can Gradurate!!!

Al the collidge it has to Do “is” drop al themb Hard Corses! I knowed a gye he “was” taking Allergebra and it was jist Awffle!!! It was tooo hard! Thare shoodnt be “no” Math in collidge becose Math it “is” ownly For no good stinkin wyte Peple!! And yiu know watts wrong whith “it???” Yiu woont beleave it!!! Thay keep sayin thare is A Rihght Ansir to evry Promble! And al the Otther Ansirs thay “are” Wrong!!! This is Racist!!!

Butt wee aslo deamanneded thay get Ridd “of” Histary becose its Old! and get ridd of Englisch becose its jist wyte Privlidge! Al themb Ackadimmick corses thay are ownly “in” thare to maik stodents feeel Bad!!! Themb proffs thay jist caint whayt to Flunk yiu!!!!

Constaquintly becose of al themb Hard Corses thare “are” Stodents who cant gradurate “And” thay dont get no Deegree or nothing!!! Lasst yeer we jist fowneded Out that our Graduration Rayt “it was” ownly Nineteeen 19 Parsent!!!! That is unconsional!!! The Rayte it shood Be One hunderd 100 parsent!!!

I amb luccky i amb majering In Nothing Studdies and noboddy thay nevver Flunks Nothing Studdies!!!! Acksipt for this one gye he Flunkeded the Fynal becose he eated The Test and thenn got Sick alll Over “the” prefesser’s Desque!!!!!! Butt evry Boddy elst we al getted Strait As!!! Al we got “to Do” is keep paiying “the” Tution and in Fyve 5 oar Sicks 6 Yeers we gets our Deegree!!!

And yiu sea that oncet Evry Boddy thay all gets Strait As,, then Evry Boddy thay “are” Eaquol!!! Eaquolitty it “is” Goood!!!!!!!!!!

18 comments on “We Deamanned eezy Corses!!!

  1. I’m surprised that the student who ate the test and then upchucked it on the professor’s desk didn’t get an A+ for his work of performance art. 🙂

  2. I will say one thing, the way High School Algebra is taught makes it a miracle that anyone can use it. I use algebra daily, but the stupidity of high school algebra is completely useless.

    1. With regard to either Algebra or Trigonometry; if they taught it as a practical, problem-solving tool, it would be fine. Instead, they teach it as an abstract and it is confusing, at best.

    2. I was never any good at math, from first grade on up. I think, as I am today, I’d be able to learn algebra 1 and plane geometry. The rest, I’d never have any use for. Fantasy writers seldom need recourse to atomic theory.

    3. I loved Math, but hated algebra. I really think the biggest problem, at least for me, is that they never taught us what it was used for. I’ve used a lot of various mathematical tools over the years, but I didn’t really understand them until I saw how they were applied.

  3. I’m not a fan of math either. By the way, Joe, you should suggest to your superiors that the best way to make the courses easier is to have only ONE choice for every question! That’ll make the graduation ceremonies crowded! 🤓
    And sorry for the “desperate” typo!! 🙇

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