The Congo Dinosaur

What are the crown jewels of cryptozoology?

Gotta be the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, and this, the dinosaur rumored to inhabit the swamps of the Congo–Mokele Mbembe.

By all accounts, Mokele Mbembe resembles a scaled-down (to elephant size) brontosaur living in some of the most difficult and inhospitable terrain in the world. It’s all swamps, even the pygmies don’t like to venture too far in. But the people who do live there declare that Mokele Mbembe is real.

So far, none of the expeditions sent to those swamps has come back with proof of Mokele Mbembe’s existence. The best we’ve got is this grainy, wobbly little bit of film, displayed above. Of course, if they ever did succeed in obtaining proof, Mokele Mbembe would instantly cease to be cryptozoology and be regular zoology instead. This is what gives cryptozoology its slightly cracked but also slightly noble flavor.

What if, somewhere in the world, there is a living dinosaur? What hath God wrought! What if dinosaurs have only gone almost extinct? ‘Cause “almost extinct” means “a little bit extant.” I mean, heck, the stories don’t go away, there are always stories: always people saying that they’ve seen a dinosaur.

And who wouldn’t want to see one?

4 comments on “The Congo Dinosaur

  1. I wouldn’t rule anything out. There are areas of the Congo that are pretty much untouched and no one can say to a certainty what is living there. Most of our experience is with places that are tamed and dominated by civilization, but once you get off the beaten path, things can change drastically. Most wildlife is invisible once you are a mile away from it.

    If you drove past my neighborhood on the freeway, you would never imagine that there are abundant deer in the area, and deer are good sized animals. That’s a small-scale example, but imagine what the Congo could hold where there are no roads, no fences and no artifacts of civilization.

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