Hillary: ‘Camp for Adults’

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Fun for… who?

I can’t see how I could have missed this story, back in 2015. Maybe the nooze media swept it under the rug.

Hillary Clinton, already anointed by the noozies as the odds-on favorite to succeed President *Batteries Not Included, said (at the time), “We have a huge fun deficit in America… We really need camps for adults” (http://www.truthandaction.org/clinton-need-put-adults-fun-camps-re-education/2/).

I listened to the video several times and did not hear her use the word “re-education.” Instead, she stressed that adults need “fun” and that such camps might provide it for them.

When contemplating a Hillary Clinton presidency, the word “fun” is not one that springs to mind. Unless it’s staking someone down on top of a fire ant mound, or something like that.

I concede the possibility that this was just idle talk from a gasbag politician, put the mouth on cruise control while the brain shuts down. But is that a habit we want to encourage in our presidents?

What this wicked woman said in 2015 has a bearing on 2020–because some of us think she’s running again, and, with only little left-wing munchkins to oppose her, she might again become the nominee.

Think she’ll mention “camps” again?

At this point we can’t say anything’s too far out there for a Democrat to endorse.

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  1. Unfortunately, I have read of some of their “fun” camps. They are not pretty, especially for the young people that are taken there to provide the “fun”.

  2. Mr. Duigon, on this occasion Hillary Clinton was giving a speech in front of an organization called the American Camp Association. They are an organization of professional people who are involved in running youth summer camps.

    In context, her comments about camps for adults were nothing sinister or inappropriate. There is nothing disturbing about wishing that adults could have fun at camp the way children do.

    The story you cited in your article makes no mention of the context of her comments. As you noted, it deliberately and misleadingly uses the word “re-education” in the headline, a word not contained in her speech, in order to falsely imply a malignant motive. It also omits the fact that she was speaking to an audience of camp counselors, to whom it would be entirely fitting to talk about camps.

    It took me exactly three minutes of Googling to discover this information. As a former journalist, you should have expended the same effort yourself before publishing this.

    While I think you often have valid points to make, your continuous reliance on incomplete or biased information from fringe conspiracy sites greatly weakens your arguments. When you associate yourself with a story like this, you are only eroding your own credibility.

    Please, I know you can do better than this.

  3. I remember when Hillary was asked to lead the study to give America national healthcare, part of her plan was a Planned Parenthood clinic in every city of 80,000 people or more. This woman is evil to the core and those who can’t see it are spiritually blind and need to be saved by the regenerating power of Christ Jesus.

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