We Nead Stresst-free Collidge!!!

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It is harred to get Good graides! and it “is” aslo very Stresstfull!! “That” “is” whye So menny Stodents thay are hasing mentle braekedowns!!!!!

Printcetin Unavercity thay are “dooing” somb Thing “aboat” it,, thay are goingto “get” Ridd of graides like ABCDF and jist go Past/Fale!!! This hear it “is” a Steppe in the Rihght Derrecsion but “it” Is Not Enuhgh!!!

That “Is” whye our Stodent Soviet we has voated tooday To go to Pass/Past And Evry One Thay Gets A Dipploamer and no boddy fales axcept cristians!!!! If thay want to Past thay has got “To” say the Bybble it Isnt True and stomp “on” it!!! And aslo proove thair Mineds are Rihght by plejjing thair Selfs to be Socile Jutstus Wirers fromb Nhow On!!!!!

This hear It Is whatt we cawll Ackerdemmick Equitty!!!! Nhow evry Boddy thay wil al be Equill!!! Axcept for cristians and Haters And Biggits!!! And aslo Trans Fobes and Hoemoe Fobes!!! Themb no-good peple thay “wil” nevver “be” Equill to Anny Boddy!!!

Wee wood aslo Like “to” Get Ridd “of” Too-ition!!! Eddicasion it is a Rihght yiu shoodnt has to Pay “for” It!!!! Evry Boddy “thay” has The Rite To “Go” To Collidge!!!! and every boddy shoood has to go evin Iff thay dont Whant To!!!! Immadgion evry Singull Persin in Amaricka thay “are” All “in” Collidge al the Time and “All at” the saime Time!!!!! Work it blows and no boddy shood has to Do it!!!!!!!!!! Free too-ition! In a free Countree!!!

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3 responses to “We Nead Stresst-free Collidge!!!

  • thewhiterabbit2016

    Isn’t diversity great!! Everyone in their separate groups and tribes, except for those who are believers in the Biblical God – that can’t be allowed. But wait, that is discrimination isn’t it? And I thought diversity was suppose to be great. Where is the logic in this, Joe?

    • unknowable2

      They are actually solving a pressing issue of the times and should be applauded. Joe, you are an American Hero!

      Ok, here’s how this goes. As soon as EVERYONE has a certain level of education, that level of education becomes meaningless. When my parents were growing up, a high school diploma was far from ubiquitous, and having such a diploma could land you a great job.

      But as time progressed, more and more people received a high school diploma, so it would no longer open any doors. So then EVERYONE had to go to college, but that was thought to prove initiative and became a door opener.

      Now, with Joe’s plan, EVERYONE will get a degree and the value of a degree will drop. Eventually, diplomas will become worth less than the paper they are printed on. Now here’s the genius of Joe’s plan. College degrees will soon equal the worth of toilet paper and we all know how hard that is to find. 🙂


    I fear for my generation

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