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We Nead Stresst-free Collidge!!!

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It is harred to get Good graides! and it “is” aslo very Stresstfull!! “That” “is” whye So menny Stodents thay are hasing mentle braekedowns!!!!!

Printcetin Unavercity thay are “dooing” somb Thing “aboat” it,, thay are goingto “get” Ridd of graides like ABCDF and jist go Past/Fale!!! This hear it “is” a Steppe in the Rihght Derrecsion but “it” Is Not Enuhgh!!!

That “Is” whye our Stodent Soviet we has voated tooday To go to Pass/Past And Evry One Thay Gets A Dipploamer and no boddy fales axcept cristians!!!! If thay want to Past thay has got “To” say the Bybble it Isnt True and stomp “on” it!!! And aslo proove thair Mineds are Rihght by plejjing thair Selfs to be Socile Jutstus Wirers fromb Nhow On!!!!!

This hear It Is whatt we cawll Ackerdemmick Equitty!!!! Nhow evry Boddy thay wil al be Equill!!! Axcept for cristians and Haters And Biggits!!! And aslo Trans Fobes and Hoemoe Fobes!!! Themb no-good peple thay “wil” nevver “be” Equill to Anny Boddy!!!

Wee wood aslo Like “to” Get Ridd “of” Too-ition!!! Eddicasion it is a Rihght yiu shoodnt has to Pay “for” It!!!! Evry Boddy “thay” has The Rite To “Go” To Collidge!!!! and every boddy shoood has to go evin Iff thay dont Whant To!!!! Immadgion evry Singull Persin in Amaricka thay “are” All “in” Collidge al the Time and “All at” the saime Time!!!!! Work it blows and no boddy shood has to Do it!!!!!!!!!! Free too-ition! In a free Countree!!!

Campas Sex Week and Free Tution!

Bussy week! Its Campas Sex Week and their is peple from Planed Parinthood here to teacht us how to do things yiu nevver thohgjt of doing. I was goin to hook up with thiss reel hot girl and she keep saying, Why “you got that stopid hat” on, Take it off, and then al of a suddin she yankd it rihgjt off my head and she run away screamin becose of them moth-antenners that growin out my fourhead. I dint even have time to explane to her that this is onely from the expearmint, trying to chang my cromasoames from mail to femail and i gess it isnt working tooo good. So that was my Sex Week and yestredday i cought mysself chewing on a pare of sox. I hope they not putin too much moth stuff in me.

And yestreday also we al marched and pro tested for free collidge! with free tution! and no more stodent dept! and aslo the miminim wage shoud ouhgjt to be 50$ a hour. Or may be it was 15$ a hore, i cant rememember wich. Wen Hillery is presdint thear wil be freee tution for everbotty.

I am come hear today becose that guy who rites this blogg, he make me mad, he is so jellous becuse he is not a interllectural like us who now in collidge. So he sais lots of hat speech aginst collidge and interllecturals and somday it wil be aginst the law to say stuff like that, he better wach out. Like, cant he reed the email on the wall?? Most everbotty now thinks ther shuld only be freedem of speech to say good things that mak us feel good and not speech that is hatful and bad and hurts my feelers. Thats were this contry is heded and i say its abuot time!!

Wel now i got to get to Gender Studies lectur, my prefesser he wil fix me good if I missed it. And then I think i seen a old sweatter hangin up somwher and I gess i wil have lunch!

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