Far Left Crazy Opposes Harvard’s ‘Religious Liberty Clinic’

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Is it the law of the land, or not?

I’m sure we’ve mentioned once or twice that two competing and mutually opposed moral codes can’t co-exist in one society. Harvard University is about to find that out.

“Gay” Etc. students and staff are opposing Harvard’s plan to create a “religious liberty clinic” whose function we suppose, would be to protect everyone’s lawfully guaranteed, by the First Amendment to the Constitution, religious liberties (https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=14549). No way, says Far Left Crazy–not unless the clinic takes a pledge not to take any cases that might “impinge on the [undefined] rights of LBGTQ+ people.”

Those “rights” are not defined because organized sodomy demands supremacy–and veto power over the free exercise of religion. Wherever there’s a conflict, “gays” are supposed to win. They’ve grown accustomed to it.

So yeah, sure, you can have religious liberty–as long as you don’t say, write, believe, or do anything that the “gays” don’t like.

Doesn’t sound like liberty to me.

The overriding purpose of America’s colleges and universities, these days, is to crank out more Far Left Crazy zealots. Anything else they might accomplish is an afterthought.

The sooner most of them go out of business, the better–before they put America out of business.

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  1. One could say that the objections to this are, in essence, an attempt to impose a belief system and have it backed by force of law. That’s pretty much the definition of a state religion.

  2. This is why R. J. Rushdoony spent his life’s mission in teaching the body of Christ the need to reconstruct society along Christian principles (aka, God’s revealed Law). It is up to God’s people to create their own news and journalistic outreach, their own movie industry and TV programming, their own novels, mysteries, and fantasy books (kudos to Duigan), and their own political party, etc, etc, etc. But this requires work and responsibility, which is a hard sell in our day and age.

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