The Loving Left: At It Again

Scratch a Democrat, find a thug.

A Democrat “consultant” recently appeared on a taxpayer-funded PBS nooze show in Arizona and said “If they [Republican legislators] don’t change the statute… they should be shot” (

Who loves ya, baby? If this were to happen, it wouldn’t be the first time some deranged leftid attempted to assassinate Republicans. The last one was a Bernie bro who tried to massacre Republican Congressmen playing baseball. Rep. Steve Scalise was almost killed. Cops killed the gunman before he could hit anyone else.

Half a billion bucks a year we shell out to PBS. And this is what we get for it. The host had a little giggle for his guest’s witticism. I’m not mentioning these clowns by name. If you really want to know, click the link.

And what, pray tell, was this statute that so urgently had to be changed?

Democrats want Arizona’s election laws changed this year to permit an “all-mail election,”  all votes by mail, no polling places. It’s a shabby, stupid idea that does nothing but make it easier for Democrats to cheat. How many Republican votes would be “lost” in the mail? How many extra Democrat votes would be received? But if we don’t let them cheat, we should be shot.

This reminds me of the 1957 baseball All-Star Game, when Cincinnati fans stuffed the ballots and “elected” their whole starting team as the National League All-Stars. It was pretty shabby then. It’ll be just as shabby now.

America urgently needs the Democrat Party to be put out of business forever, after getting totally crushed in this year’s elections. It’s also time we defunded PBS.

Can you imagine the howl that would’ve gone up if some guest had suggested shooting liberals? I don’t know of any PBS host who would’ve chuckled over that.

Maybe we could afford to be a little less thin-skinned if we could manage to believe they didn’t mean it.

But I think they do.

9 comments on “The Loving Left: At It Again

  1. Back in the Nixon era, the Republicans were portrayed as unfeeling Machiavellians that valued no lives except their own. I submit that the Left has adopted this description unto themselves.

    1. Well, they had to correct it by appointing real All-Stars like Willie Mays and Hank Aaron to replace the Cincinnati players.

      There’s always been a lot of cheating in the All-Star voting.

  2. Oh yes, the mean mean it. Only hate hangs out with hate. “Cops killed the gunman before he could hit anyone else.” That’s the best part of it. Just wish we could do more.

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