Talkin’ Birds

It is said that Sargon II had a “curious bird” named Whoopsie who could sing the Assyrian national anthem; but I don’t believe it.

These birds are smart enough to interact and play with humans. And you’d swear they have a sense of humor. Betcha they do.

6 comments on “Talkin’ Birds

  1. When I see this, I think of what innocent, dear creatures birds like this can be. It’s obvious that they were made for being our friends and companions.

    1. Agreed. Our Creator’s goodness is displayed in all of His works. A Cockatiel playing peek-a-boo tells us that our God is gentle and filled with humor.

    2. Somebody once told me their iguana played peek-a-boo with their little boy, but I found that a little hard to believe–although iguanas, as social animals, make wonderful pets… IF you take the time to socialize them with people.

  2. Simply fabulous! I am ever impressed with God’s creation. Now I really want a bird…no, a quokka, or a dog…what’s next brother! Thanks for lightening our hearts. 🐦

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