Is the Pope Catholic?

Five years of Pope Francis: Lots of style, little substance

I get nervous when he smiles.

Gee–what if the answer is “no”?

Well, catch what the Red Pope, Francis, has had to say about the Chinese Wuhan Communist Death Virus–and then you tell me he’s still Catholic (

The coronavirus pandemic is “certainly nature’s response to global warming.” (And also to “economic inequality.” Don’t leave that out! “Inequality” causes natural catastrophes.)

“I do not know if it [the pandemic] is nature’s revenge, but it is certainly nature’s response.”

“Nature is throwing a tantrum so that we will take care of her.” The earth “now cries out to us.”

Forget Catholic. Is this guy still a Christian?

He has also called upon the world’s people to switch to “a simple lifestyle.” Yeah! Put all those peasants back into the 12th century where they belong! Wonder how “simple” he thinks his own life ought to be.

Yeah, yeah, I know… Tomorrow the Vatican will be disavowing these remarks, he keeps ’em busy doing that, and that’ll be all until the next interview.

Oh! If only we had that glorious global government! They’d harness that fantastic Scientific power and soon put a stop to Climate Change! And the Pope, he could be the head honcho of a global religion to go along with global government!

And we have blundered into a Left Behind novel.

(Praying for Cardinal Raymond Burke to somehow be made Pope–like, now…)

11 comments on “Is the Pope Catholic?

  1. Many of us faithful Catholics are having an only-half-joking debate about whether this Pope is a full-fledged apostate or only a heretic. Some have even used the word “anti-Christ,” but I myself think — or hope — they’re going too far. However, he certainly doesn’t seem to believe in Catholicism.

    1. Remember: when John uses the word “antichrist,” it’s printed in lower case–which means there can be a lot of antichrists, it’s a category.

      I wish my Aunt Betty, a nun, a scholar, were still alive. I wonder what she’d have to say about this.

  2. What is with this Pope Francis and Climate Change? Does he think this is the way to usher in the Millennium? Just as the computer models for the covid-19 have been completely bogus, how do people still put their faith n these same experts who make the models for Climate Change? How many of their predictions have to NOT come to pass before people smell the coffee? It reminds me of the 1970’s predictions on the coming of Christ based on the date Israel became an official nation again in 1948 – finally enough time has passed that the “prophets” have given up on it as a measuring standard to interpret Scripture.

  3. If you are not sick of commenting on things Pope Francis says yet, I would suggest reading this homily from earlier this month He says here doctrines in the Christian life “can be argued”. I made one on my own site about this. People are free to read it if they want. Mine is pretty clearly from a Catholic viewpoint and would probably be pretty different from yours.

  4. It is the seat of the Messiah’s church the first Pope who is Peter, the beloved deciple of Jesus Christ. I can only say that yes he is Catholic.

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