My Newswithviews Column, April 9 (‘Three Lessons that Must Be Learned’)

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The most tragic thing of all would be if America were to emerge from the coronavirus scare without having learned anything from it.

Three Lessons That Must Be Learned

This column only begins to scratch the surface. There are lots of lessons here, all of them important. Socialism’s like this all the time–do we really want socialism? How badly do we need the transgender movement? Do we want to be governed, and told the “news” by, persons who fervently admire Red China and want us to be more like them? Do we let liberals get away with blatantly trying to make political capital out of this mess?

And just how badly do we want to keep the ruling class we’ve got?

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  1. 1. “Open borders
    2. Hyper-urbanization a la Agenda 21
    3. outsourcing the manufacture of medicines, medical supplies, and other essential goods to potential enemies
    1+2+3 = 4 – globalism

    BINGO!  Funny thing – President Trump has been trying to do exactly this. Perhaps his 2nd term, like the 2nd Amendment, will win.

    1. So you think this may not turn into a win – just another long wait until the next attempt? Maybe if Trump wins again… Better yet, maybe if we gave him a better Congress considering anything would be better.

      PS: I just read – no, saw the headline – of Trump having done something at the border to prevent some illegals from crossing. Immediately after I saw this, I got an email from the DOJ begging everyone to send in their support for “refugees” and “assylees” RIGHT TO WORK! After all, we are paying them big bucks to monitor them – lol.

    2. Remember when David “Idiocy Personified” Hogg called on Canadians to donate to Democrat campaigns? They love illegal foreign money!

  2. The rise of trade with China has given us inexpensive goods, but the hidden costs are enormous. The Chinese government is said to be re-selling donated supplies to other countries. I saw an article two days ago about low quality of medical supplies manufactured in China and shipped during this recent disaster.

    Hopefully some lessons will be learned.

  3. Chairman Mao is still revered in all of China. China’s master plan is to integrate all of Eurasia under their umbrella (Iran & Russia) and have Europe wedded to the East and not the Atlantic. Our God Who is in Heaven laughs at their plans because He has His own plan for our planet, a Millennial Christian rule – the Scriptures cannot be broken.

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