Quokka U.: We Need Some Buildings

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G’day, everybody! Byron the Quokka here, with a progress report on Quokka University. We know you’ve been wondering about it!

So far we’ve got a Latin motto–Ipso loquitur mannimota!–and a bunch of deans, a pick-up sticks team, a big cardboard box for a cafeteria, and we’re still working on a mascot and an official college song. But let’s face it–any college, anywhere, has just got to have some buildings!

Afar hut made of sticks of wood in the south desert of Djibouti ...

Behold! Our first official college building! Crikey Hall! Loosely based on a classic design by that famous architect, Frank Lloyd Fuzzybutt, Crikey Hall will be ideal for lectures, graduation ceremonies, and concerts. We’ve already sent out invitations to a lot of celebrities to be guest lecturers–you won’t have heard of most of them unless you’re a marsupial, but we did ask Tarzan and I really hope he comes here so I can get his autograph.

We still need classrooms, offices for the professors, and dorms for those students who don’t like to sleep outside in the tall grass. We don’t worry much about professors because we aren’t going to offer any courses. As for a mascot, we’re still stuck between a really big stick insect named Otho (who’ll do it for free) and Jimbo the Quokka in his Halloween costume, a cactus. It’s so hard to decide!

Meanwhile, it’s back to work on the comment contest. We’re shooting for 60,000, we have about a thousand left to go, and the winner gets an autographed copy of Lee’s new book, His Mercy Endureth Forever–unless I can get him to spring for a bicycle.

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