Are We Too Stupid to Learn Anything?

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I’ve begun to fear that America and the rest of the West will learn absolutely nothing from the worldwide coronavirus disaster (unleashed on us by China): that people are either so committed to wicked and insane ideologies, or else just so damned stupid, that their heads might as well be made of wood.

You’d think even the most limited intellect would be able to grasp the concept that hyper-urbanization, jamming people into cities as densely as you can and packing them into mass transit every day, is just asking for another pandemic to mow them down; and you’d think even a Democrat could understand that “open borders” is a potentially suicidal policy.

But I have this creepy, crawly feeling that instead of learning anything, the West’s big shots and opinion-shapers will double down on all the absurd, asinine, and wicked errors that landed us in this mess.

They’ll give us more transgender, more gay rights, more globalism, more socialism, more tyranny, more “diversity,” more Climate Change, more Greta, more Soros–more of everything bad, everything that’s crazy, everything that’s damned. They are either that stupid, that evil, or actually cursed by God. Cursed for the things they did, and allowed to be done, in that horrible 20th century.

What can we do but pray? And speak the truth? And you can already get in trouble for doing those things. But I’m afraid we have to.

9 comments on “Are We Too Stupid to Learn Anything?

  1. The UN doesn’t care about the sicknesses and deaths caused by their Agenda 2030 densely populated “cities.” It will stimulate depopulation, both by death and by locking down the sick with the well. Like what the Democrat governors and mayors just did.

    1. I mean, really–if this virus business didn’t show the total inanity and foolishness of those “ooh-so-urban” fantasies… what did we even have to have it for?

    2. Once Gates gets his mandate it will all become clear and all questions will be answered, my son. Put a quarter into the slot and get another question. Cha-ching! What did you think you were going to get for a quarter? lol

  2. I detect that at the individual level, the message has gotten through to some people. I am proud to see that there are people taking exception to all of this.

  3. There are small businesses all over the States already opening in secret. True Americans will not tolerate their rights being stepped on by leftist politicians. There is already push-back taking place via protests at Capitol buildings. The truth always comes out in the end. The facts will show President Trump was duped by Dr. Fauci and his ilk. Here where I live it is a matter of weeks and we will be up and running. The death rate for the Wuhan virus is way less than the death rate for the seasonal flu here in Arkansas (plus the globalists spike the death rate numbers for the coronavirus).

    1. I’ve heard of similar things happening. Small businesses operating quietly, but still serving their customer’s actual needs.

    2. Donald Trump is no chicken-heart, but he didn’t dare go against the advice of his medical advisers. You can easily imagine what would’ve happened had he stopped the lockdown earlier than they recommended, and some people died.

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