‘The War Against History, Swedish-Style’ (2017)

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Leftids wage a war on history–here as well as in Sweden

Sometimes I look at current events and think I must be dreaming–I’ll wake up, and none of this will have happened.

The War Against History, Swedish-Style

What hope is there for a nation that hates itself and erases its own history? Is this God’s judgment on Europe, for its extravagant violence in the 20th century?

Will it be recorded of this era that as our civilization raced toward destruction, we preoccupied ourselves with… inventing new genders? And tearing down our statues?


5 comments on “‘The War Against History, Swedish-Style’ (2017)

  1. What concerns me is the amount of rage some of these people carry around. This could get interesting, and by interesting, I don’t mean anything good.

    1. We always used to joke about the Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times.” Well, we’ve had plenty of Chinese curses lately, and lots of interesting times. Sometimes it seems more like the ancient Greek saying, “Whom the gods would destroy, they first make insane.”

      Of course, the traditional translation of the final word in the Greek axiom was “mad,” not “insane,” but now “mad” usually connotes “angry,” and anger is only part of the current insanity. The worst among us often go quietly, serenely, condescendingly, and even cheerfully insane. They generally wind up in politics or academia.

    2. I always find it shocking, the ease with which people toss away core beliefs and values that they’ve had for all their lives.

  2. I am reading Dennis Prager’s book “Still the Best Hope.” The first section is on how America’s founding principles make for the best society. The second section is on Leftism, and how the Left has captured Western Civilization and controls its narrative, complete with examples that depress the heck out of you. The third section I am reading now is on Islamism, and it is twice as depressing as the section on Leftism. So thankful to live in America and to have Donald Trump as our President. Now to elect senators and reps that support the MAGA Doctrine.

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