‘The Global Warming Fantasy Factory’ (2014)

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The earth is the Lord’s. He created it, He sustains it day by day, and it belongs to Him. He’s not going to sit there sucking His thumb while we sinful human pipsqueaks Destroy The Planet.

The Global Warming Fantasy Factory

People talk about End O’ the World events as if they thought God had no power, no ownership, no sovereignty.

I write fantasy novels. They are clearly labeled as such.

But I fear those fantasies called “public policy” and “science.” And even more I fear God, who can hardly be expected to put up with this forever.


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    1. I know. He’s also a blasphemist. I don’t respect that and I feel a thorn in my side every time he says Gd it. But I do enjoy his descriptions of the way the world really is. He nails it every time.

  1. I’m familiar with the Carlin piece and think he was onto something.

    The standing orders from our Maker are to populate the earth. From secular sources, there are calls to reduce population. Simply stated, it comes down to whom your source of authority is; God or human opinion.

    1. Carlin’s authority was, obviously, not God, but he did have a darn good handle on humanism.

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