Beware the Phony ‘Centrist’

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Dodderin’ Joe Biden says he’ll announce his vice presidential pick by May 1, and has “vowed”–I wonder what that word means, when a liberal uses it–that his running mate absolutely positively sure-as-shootin’ will be a woman ( Don’t be too surprised if the “woman” turns out to be another old white guy.

Speculation is that Biden, the “centrist,” will have to pick some Far Left wacko from the “progressive” wing of the Democrat mental hospital to unite the party’s two main factions: the “I think someone should be president because she and I belong to the same identity group” faction and the “I think someone should be president because he’s not Donald Trump” faction.

May we object–strenuously!–to the bullschiff nooze media’s use of the word “centrist”? Name one Far Left project Dodderin’ Joe opposes, or has even criticized. Go ahead and try: betcha can’t. And if you’re barreling along with Open Borders, the Green New Deal, full speed ahead on imaginary Climate Change, Transgender “Rights,” Free College Tuition for every idiot on earth, and all the rest of the deluxe fun pack–well, how in the world can you possibly be a “centrist”? A centrist compared to… whom? No one I can imagine! Just maybe Lenin.

But you know our Free & Independent Press. They will not be able to speak or write Biden’s name without calling him a “centrist.” It’s how the French media got that jidrool Macron elected. Naturally the noozies think it’ll work on us, too.

For the record, there is no such thing, anymore, as a “centrist” in the Democrat Party. They are all Far Left, some more than others. Our republic will not survive another Democrat president: look at all the damage a Democrat House of Representatives has done to us. Then look at all the damage it tried to do, only to be stopped by a Republican Senate and president. These people must not be allowed anywhere near power, ever again.

Meanwhile, try to count the times you see or hear Biden referred to as a centrist. Millions, would be my guess.

4 comments on “Beware the Phony ‘Centrist’

  1. The media are certainly pushing Michelle forward. And Valerie Jarrett has pooh-poohed the idea, saying the Mooch has no intention of running for public office, so that means she really does. Interesting.

    Tsk. What a shame. I was looking forward to Biden’s picking Caitlyn Jenner as his female VP. 🙂

  2. Good insight, Lee, and good analysis of it. No one in their right mind would run with Joe Biden because he is the definitive definition of a loser. Maybe that black Abrams woman would run with the intent of becoming better know so she can win the next time she runs for the U.S. Senate

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