R.J. Rushdoony: ‘What Makes a Quack?’

It’s not always pure malice that brews up insane public policy. A pretty healthy chunk of it is quackery.

We all know our doctors can be quacks. But as Rushdoony observed, there is a great deal of scope for political quackery, too.

And what makes quackery?

Listen to the video and find out.

7 comments on “R.J. Rushdoony: ‘What Makes a Quack?’

  1. A quack can either be a con man or a well intentioned but poorly informed person. It’s a little like that old Spanish proverb, whether the rock hits the pitcher or the pitcher hits the rock, it’s the worse for the pitcher! Bad information from the well-intentioned is just as useless and even dangerous as it is from the wicked. However, I do believe that we are also responsible when it comes to following ANYONE’S advice. Even your doctor, good as he or she may be, can be wrong. If he tells you to take ten pills when he meant two, you’re responsible to call his attention to any possible error on his part. Sadly, too many people today put their brains in storage and then complain when they are damaged by bad advice.

    1. And too many people are afraid to ask their doctor questions. My wife always has me write down my questions before I see the doctor so I don’t forget and of them.

  2. You are so right, Valerie. Not only do medical practitioners make mistakes as to number, but apparently, they do not research the side effects that are
    damaging so many of their patients. The side effects of some of these prescriptions are much more damaging to health than the disease being
    “treated”. Medical schools do not teach about natural remedies, only drugs. we have to do our own research, then use common sense. The same could apply to anything; politics and even Bible teaching.

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