Increasingly Intolerable

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Ooh-ooh! Walmart has alcohol! Alcohol, I tell you! Look, it’s right here their on website! Oh, man, we’d better rush out to Walmart and get some.

Stand in line outside the store. Wear stupid hot, itchy mask that fogs your glasses. Then they let you in. They tell you that you have to go to Customer Service (and whisper “Joe sent me”?) if you want to buy alcohol. To do this, you must negotiate a labyrinth. If you just cut through the labyrinth, these bells and whistles go off. I cut through. But of course it didn’t matter: “No, sorry, no more alcohol.” And there’s another labyrinth to get out of the store.

Let’s try Whole Foods! Never mind. The line outside the store is 100 yards long.

We return home empty-handed.

It reminds me of things I read about life in Moscow, circa 1969. Brezhnev is already a turnip, but that news is concealed from the world. Work all day and then stand in line waiting to buy something for your supper. You don’t know what will be available.

Socialism is like this all the time.

How long can they keep us bottled up like this before the murder rate goes up?

13 comments on “Increasingly Intolerable

  1. As long as we let them, which is diabolically, as long as we’re lockedown. I’m disappointed at the number of order followers there are in law enforcement. Well, at least they have jobs. PS: I hope you’re not out of brandy and still have cigars left.

    1. Well, it was good news for me. I hope you weren’t expecting the disappearance of the Democrat Party or something.

    2. lol – not in this case. It WAS in response to my concern for YOU. I’m always hoping for the disappearance of the democrats – or RINOS. Well, what is it?

    3. Oh! “The Golden Treasury of Natural History,” by Bertha Morris Parker. See the post about it for one of the illustrations. What a treat to have it again!

  2. The murder rate is already up. So is the suicide rate and so are the calls to crisis help lines. Encouragingly, though, the number of protests is also going up, and there are even some outbreaks of rebellious reopenings before Big Brother gives permission. Some Americans seem to be remembering who they are — even in California. Maybe there’s some hope yet.

  3. By the way, if you’re really in need of alcohol and you do have some (ahem) adult beverages in the house, the beverages will do in a pinch. I was once at a conference where the outside lights were very poor, and as I exited the building in the evening, my nightblindness caused me to step off a porch onto a step that wasn’t there, resulting in a sprained ankle and torn-up knee. When I got back to my hotel room and saw the mess on my knee, I washed it up, went to the wet bar in my room, got out a mini-bottle of Jack Daniels, and poured some of it over my wound. It worked very well and I even had some liquid left over … which I did not let go to waste. 😉

  4. So sorry for those of you in New Jersey. He in Arkansas I have been using the Walmart stores just like normal all along, except now we have to enter by one door and exit by the other. The shelves have been full except the meat departments – but then again, Walmart is headquartered in Arkansas.
    All our State parks are now open, and restaurants are soon to open with certain stipulations. I sure wish I could be in Huntington Beach, California and join in those protests against their Governor – it looks like they are working. I have yet to hear anyone explain by what right does the state government have to take away our Bill of Rights.

    1. They think the Constitution is a luxury, and the only rights that count are the ones just recently invented by liberals.

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