‘Scientist Says Chimps Mated with Pigs to Produce Humans (Not a Satire)’

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Once you’re part of Settled Science Inc., you can say just about anything without having to worry about the men in the white coats carting you off.

Scientist Says Chimps Mated With Pigs to Produce Humans (Not a Satire)

Did this guy really expect anyone to take him seriously? Well, of course he did: he’s a “leading geneticist,” people always take him seriously. You don’t want to be called “anti-science,” do you?

Our sin: we don’t just follow false prophets. We follow ridiculous prophets.

8 comments on “‘Scientist Says Chimps Mated with Pigs to Produce Humans (Not a Satire)’

  1. One of the things I’ve heard a lot since this pandemic started was that we need to listen to the “experts”. But since when did the experts suddenly become in charge, and why has it become so desirable to listen to them? This isn’t Plato’s Republic. In my book, real world experience beats expert opinion any day of the week.

    1. The experts are frequently the biggest horses’ asses on the block. Because they’re “experts,” they don’t need to listen to anybody. Because they’re fat-heads, they can’t listen.

  2. The ridiculousness of this goes beyond description. You can’t mate creatures from different families and produce offspring. Species, yes. A lion and a tiger are different species and can produce a Liger or Tigon, but these are species within the same family or “kind”. There are characteristics in place which prevent reproduction between animals of different families and these are firm.

  3. I highly respect Science, but I am skeptical of theories which are not science but men’s speculation about what might be probably true. America has bought into the latter kind, the faux science that changes according to what the current political convention happens to be. This is scary stuff. Look at all the lives that have been affected by shutting down all schools – what a stupid idea that has been. Our dictators in gov’t can now more easily choose winners and losers in the private sector which they love to do. Why not let American citizens make their own choices and take their own risks. If someone gets sick or has symptoms, stay at home until you get better. You are not going to infect 20 other people by sitting on your back porch. Fear is the great champion of tyrants. If what we were told at first was real science, then yes, shut things down temporarily – but they were a thousand times wrong. As the rock group Who sand “Don’t Get Fooled Again.”

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