Something Better! ‘Christians in the Midst of a Plague’

(Do you need any more bad news today? I don’t! So here’s something better.)

This comes from Roger Oliver, a Christian missionary in Mexico, and we have it for you on the Chalcedon website:

Roger has it from an email from two other missionaries. It’s a closeup of a Mexican hospital where they’re treating coronavirus patients, many of them elderly and seriously at risk.

What has happened here is first one nurse, then others, and then the whole staff, decided to treat their patients like human beings instead of cases–risking infection to talk with them, comfort them–and it had to be done. Most of the patients who die, says the nurse, “seem to die of sadness.” They’re allowed no visitors. They’re disconnected from their families, lonely, sad.

So this nurse began to reconnect them, using her phone so patients could see and talk to family members. It was against the rules, but she did it.

Now the whole staff is starting each day by saying the Lord’s Prayer together, and the atmosphere at the hospital has dramatically changed. Patients are doing better because they’re being treated better–not just with medicine, but with sane and loving human interaction.

“As I have loved you, love one another,” Our Lord Jesus Christ commands us (John 13:34). The nurses at this Mexican hospital have followed His commandment, and their souls are the richer for it.

They have set an example for the world.

6 comments on “Something Better! ‘Christians in the Midst of a Plague’

  1. Now, this really is encouraging. Encouragement, a thing we all desperately need, and it has been in such short supply lately. Seems that everything that could go wrong has hurried to do so. Thank you for this.

  2. If they tried that in most places in our country, the ACLU, SPLC, and FFRF (Freedom From Religion Foundation) would get them all fired and any other such “hateful” behavior as praying banned from the premises.

    Or maybe not. Maybe some of the rebellion against economic shutdowns will continue to spill over into rebellion against religious shutdowns — as seems to be happening in some churches. Let’s keep praying.

  3. Going to God in prayer should have been the nations first response. President Trump declared a day of fasting and prayer a few Sundays back but the MSM ignored it because that is only for ignorant people who believe in myths.

  4. Our church will be fasting and praying altogether in a few days. Right now,
    there are several with broken bones, heart surgery, dialysis, cancer with only a two week expectancy, but we have it on our agenda to do this.

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