So Where’s the Comments?

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G’day–or not so good, dependin’ how you look at it. Byron the Quokka here, getting blamed because I’m in charge of the comment contest and there ain’t a single comment yet today. Honestly! Some of the other quokkas are so impatient! I don’t see any of them volunteering to take my place, do I?

Plus I’m trying to create a world-class university here on Rottnest Island, and who has time for comments on a blog? Only me, it seems!

I must remind all readers that we are taking comments from humans only. There’s this wombat named Goose (go figure!) who thinks we all want to sit around reading his lame attempts at crepuscularities (“Where is a wombat womb at?”–crikey, not even original!), so he’s good for about 30 comments a day, all of them deleted.

Any road, let’s see what you humans have to say!

19 comments on “So Where’s the Comments?

  1. G’day. This is the first thing I have seen from you today, so I will make this my first comment. Good to see ya, mate.

  2. Oh, Byron, you need to get some rest. We don’t want you to overwork yourself. It’s just that some days one is struck speechless by the nooze.

  3. I’ve been agonizing over the news today. Didn’t feel up to it, but appreciate your request. So, here’s my comment. A 2nd stimulus bill pays non-resident aliens. Educational neglect being used against poor parents. A fruit tests positive for COVID virus. Scientists warn of mutant strain of virus more potent than CV19. Clinton Foundation Wants To Use AmeriCorps To Create A “National Contact Tracing Corps. Biden vows to resume aid to “palestinians” & reopen PLO mission. Flu vaccines increase coronavirus infections by 36% convergence. Top doctor (Bing Lui) who made breakthrough in COVID murdered. Dozens of stories about people getting short sentences for child sexual abuse and child porn. And Guess Who’s Growing Your Meat.” zzzzzzzzz

    1. It’s left to us to decide how much of this is Media Crapola.
      Believe me, I’d rather not write about this schiff.

  4. Here’s one… I comment when I can. For the past 3 days, WP wasn’t letting me comment on anyone’s blog! I hate it when that happens!!!!!!

    1. Please do let me know if you ever find out why that happens. You’re not the only one it’s happened to.

    2. I have no clue. I estimate it happens kind of once a week for 2-3 days. It drives me nuts because I never know when it’s going to happen. I take time to write out a comment, and whoosh. Into thin air it goes.
      I’ve contacted WP, but as usual, they don’t know.

    3. I mean like really… I’m not able to request any songs, comment about songs, comment about cool/funny posts and videos, can’t say “happy birthday” to the birthday person, can’t comment on the commenting contests, can’t comment recommending Josh and Jeremy to sing….. but I didn’t let that one stop me! I begged them to sing on their YouTube channel!!! So glad they finally did!
      It aint any blogger’s fault either. Totally mysterious.

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