Canadian Cops Take Down ‘Star Wars’ Bad Guy (Oops!)

The Force was not strong with the 19-year-old restaurant employee

Armed officers of the Lethbridge, Alberta, Police Service drew their guns and physically tackled a 19-year-old woman in a Star Wars “Stormtrooper” costume (

She was in that costume as a publicity stunt for a Star Wars-themed restaurant just yards away. Cops pounced on her–giving her a bloody nose–because she was carrying a plastic toy Star Wars “blaster.”

William Shatner–Capt. Kirk knows about these things!–tweeted his “contempt” for the Lethbridge cops and asked, “Are you blind, chief?” The chief had been trying to wriggle off the hook by saying they had to jump the girl because she hadn’t complied quickly enough–he seems to have had “instantaneous” in mind–with the order to drop the “weapon.”

To be fair, there are toy guns that look enough like the real thing that a police officer would have to be crazy to take a chance on it. But here the Star Wars costume just outside the Star Wars restaurant should’ve at least hinted that this was not a situation to be taken seriously.

Is it just me–or, during this coronavirus panic and The Great Quarantine, have more and more police officers been acting more and more like real stormtroopers?

Keep it up, guys, and your reputation will be shot. Leftids already hate you. Don’t make normal people hate you, too.

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  1. People get killed because of reactions like this. Sometimes, cops are “between a rock and a hard place” if they do not react quickly enough, but on the other hand, common sense seems to have been put on the back burner now.

  2. What I want to know is what idiot(s) called the cops on her? Have they never seen a Star Wars movie in the past 43 years? And why did the cops draw their guns on someone who was obviously wearing a costume and had already thrown the toy blaster on the ground? Where has common sense gone? I know this is Canada, but still. I blame the Left for so vilifying guns that just making a gun hand-gesture has gotten kids in trouble.

  3. I watched the whole video of this event yesterday. It was sickening. I could hear the girl sobbing. And although I couldn’t hear what the man in the doorway (the proprietor, apparently) was saying when the police started taking the girl down, it was obvious that he was trying to explain who she was, but they were telling him to shut up and keep clear. America as we’ve known it is quickly disappearing.

    Well, maybe not so quickly. The termites have been eating away at the structure for more than fifty years. The lockdown has been the push needed to make the structure collapse.

    1. Oops, I slipped into talking about America when actually the event took place in Canada. But the whole West is going the same way. Viz. the Texas woman jailed for opening her salon (she’s since been released by Gov. Abbott and Ted Cruz just got a haircut at her salon!); the man arrested and handcuffed in front of his 6yo daughter for playing catch with her in a park; an Orthodox Jewish funeral broken up in Brooklyn and the whole neighborhood now flooded with stormtroopers-I-mean-police specifically (see DeBlasio’s tweet on the subject) to keep Jews from congregating publicly again; and so on.

    2. De Blasio threatened to close down some synagogues “permanently.”
      The mask has come off the left, big-time.

    3. He apparently went beyond warnings. Daniel Greenfield has an article about it at:

      Apparently, after DeBlasio’s threat, he did send police into the area. Here’s a section from Greenfield’s article:

      “What happened next only reinforced that theory as the Democrat, who had badly failed at fighting the virus, took to social media to threaten the “Jewish community” that the “the time for warnings has passed”. “I have instructed the NYPD to proceed immediately to summons or even arrest those who gather in large groups,” he claimed. And the summons blitz he threatened did indeed follow.

      “There had been only a minimal police presence in Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods in Brooklyn when a rash of anti-Semitic hate crimes was taking place, but now an army of cops descended on Williamsburg, broke into a synagogue where religious scholars were studying their sacred texts, more than 6 feet apart, and began issuing summonses to anyone who was walking down the street while Chassidic.

      “Even though New York City’s mask rule only requires wearing one when you’re unable to be more than 6 feet from another person, summonses were being handed out to people just walking down the street at a reasonable distance. The only obvious distinguishing mark of those being ticketed was their religious identity.”

      So who are the stormtroopers now?

    4. They are trying their darnedest to make civilization collapse so they can rule over the rubble.

  4. I served on a jury where two policemen were in an alley at midnight responding to a possible liquor store robbery when two young men came around the corner and one pointed a gun at them so they shot him dead. The dead victim was a fourteen year old black boy with a toy gun that looked real. The jury wanted to convict the cops (the police have no insurance to cover them for cases like this) but I convinced the jury to find the officers innocent. What are fourteen-year old boys doing out at midnight on a school night?

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