We’re Supposed to Enjoy the Lockdown?

Call me a killjoy, but I don’t think the national lockdown is funny, cool, or cute, and I don’t think we ought to learn to “grin and bear it.”

Nevertheless, Youtube is now chock-full of videos featuring all sorts of fun and cool and cute things you can do while your country is locked down and the national economy is going belly-up. The one example I selected has a real knee-slapper of someone barbering his lawn with comb and scissors. Tee-hee.

Are they trying to get us used to socialism? To poverty, requiring total dependence on the government? To getting pushed around and intimidated by police who’ve forgotten whom they’re there to serve? I think we know the Left wants the lockdown to be spun out as long as possible. Democrats have been rooting for a deep recession since 2017. Now they’ve got one. Rejoice.

Yo, liberals! I’m not interested in your “new normal”! I want the old normal back. It’s frightening to look back on how swiftly the world’s most thriving economy was taken down. That’s not funny, not cute, not cool. And the longer it lasts, the worse it’ll be for all of us–except for some of the fat cats who aren’t hurting at all. Do I really need to tell you who they are?

We have to put America back to work. The thing that makes America the greatest country in the world is not government. It’s the American people. It’s time our country got unlocked. Time to go back to being free.

We were not born to servitude, and we must not accept it.

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  1. I agree with you, Lee. These “let’s have fun while our masters are beating us up” stories make me angry. But being angry keeps me from despair.

  2. I LOVED that video sooooo much!
    Without lock down, I wouldn’t have even had those 3 min to watch it.
    My favorite was #14!!!!!! Oh my word…. that’s me!!!!!!

  3. Yes! I’ve felt the same way, but wasn’t able to put my finger on exactly why.
    All the quarantine activities and things to fill up time that is suddenly ‘free’ seem so hollow and trite. There are people who have lost everything because of this, but these people are sitting there comfortable and secure and … mowing their lawns with scissors. WOW. Talk about idle, pointless activities. These are the people who should be doing all they can to help their neighbors whose businesses have forcibly been shut down. It’s a sort of ‘let them eat cake’ attitude, don’t you think?
    Shame on all Americans who have accepted this tyranny because they want an extended vacation and can’t be bothered to understand the consequences.

    1. People on unemployment are getting their scheduled payout plus $600.00 a week bonus. Then there are the companies paying out bonuses to help employees. The Waltons are paying my daughter at the Walton Performing Arts Center her salary even though all the plays and concerts have been cancelled. If people can make more money on layoff than at their jobs, how are they hurting? This shutdown is temporary – that is unless you live in a State like New Jersey with a flaming lunatic like Gov Murphy.

    1. I once wrote a poem on a similar theme. This was the third and final stanza:

      “So pour the last libation down the sink,
      And pay the pickled piper who demands
      A surtax on the hemlock in our drink.
      Come, let us kiss and part. And let our hands
      Wave gaily from the quicksand as we sink.”

      And the situation I was writing about at the time wasn’t even a quarter as bad as what we’re facing now.

  4. Arkansas for all practical purposes is back to normal with social distancing being the order of the day, although most just ignore it. Here is a thought: All the countries that count have had the same lock down (except Sweden) and will have to struggle to get back up to speed. But as you said, in America it is the people, and we can surpass everyone in our ability to rebound and lead the way for the free world.

  5. Many people haven’t received their unemployment or subsidy checks yet, a nd many aren’t eligible for unemployment, e.g., self-employed, part-time, etc. Small business owners are going bankrupt as the lockdown continues, and their employees will have no jobs to go back to. Then businesses that supplied those closed businesses will have to cut back or close … and so on and so forth. Remember the Great Depression?

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