Archbishop Wants to ‘Unmask Globalists’

Who is Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano? | National Catholic Reporter

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, along with three cardinals, nine bishops, and a host of other supporters, has launched an “Appeal for the Church and the World” aimed at alerting the world’s nations to the threat posed by globalism (

The Red Pope isn’t gonna like it.

Quoting Archbishop Vigano: “The idea of plans for a New World Order under which countries and ordinary citizens see their identity taken away by a powerful elite might have seemed absurd until a few years ago.” The Appeal is to show “the serious danger to individual freedom caused during the spread of Covid-19…[by] powers which think there is no higher authority than themselves… [and] to break the media silence” from a media which is “censored and controlled.”

Bishop Muller: “The Church has allowed itself to be used as ‘Outreach’ by the New World Order.”

The Appeal was published on May 12, a few days ago. We have not yet seen any response to it from the Vatican.

Now, are we going to listen to these high-ranking officials of the Roman Catholic Church, or just write them off as cranks? Do we dare ignore them?

Yes, we should listen to them. Yes, there are rich and powerful individuals scheming to take away our freedom. There always are, and always have been: it is a dynamic of history.

Would-be world-conquerors–like Alexander the Great, or Genghis Khan–used to unleash great armies against their neighbors, to attain their goals by violence. World War II springs to mind.

But nowadays they’ve put their weapons on the shelf and try to take over the world with money, propaganda, so-called “science” (think Global Warming/Climate Change “you’re all gonna die unless you give us fantastic new powers–and all your money!”), political action, and in-the-bag media. They seek to win by lies and flattery what they’ve never been able to win by brute force.

Stand up for freedom, stand up for truth, and pray–because the earth is the Lord’s, and no cabal of sneaky socialists has any right to rule it.

May the Lord our God defend us from these predators.

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    “Contact Tracing Apps Violate Privacy” – 5/15/20 Mercola

    “The Rockefeller Foundation’s white paper, “National COVID-19 Testing Action Plan” lays out a strategic framework clearly intended to become part of a permanent surveillance & social control structure that severely limits personal liberty & freedom of choice. Because most exposures flagged by the apps will not lead to infection, many users will be instructed to self-quarantine even when they have not been infected

    “A foreign intelligence operation could shut down an entire city by falsely reporting COVID-19 infections in every neighborhood.

  2. “Would-be world-conquerors–like Alexander the Great, or Genghis Khan–used to unleash great armies against their neighbors, to attain their goals by violence”, and Mohammad and his armies. It is nice to know the Roman Catholic Church still has churchmen of integrity who can see the truth of what is going on in our world. I image the Red Pope will be livid over this.

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