‘An Invitation to Yoga’ (2017)

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Special yoga pants!

My viewership has cratered, these last few days, my computer’s acting up, it’s too cold outside to write–I might as well do yoga. Get my ankle stuck on the back of my neck. Quick, call Rutgers.

An Invitation to Yoga

Yes: while China is dead serious about teaching its college students how to master the sciences–and how to cheat–our colleges are into… yoga. And Beyonce studies. Our professors turn up as guests on NPR babbling about how “white people own time.”

But if we don’t stop doing stupid stuff, it’s Red China who’s going to own time. Red China’s going to own us.

Liberals are happy with all that Chairman Mao stuff. But we are in a race with China, economically and technologically… and the loser will lose big.

Do we still have time for yoga pants and trigger warnings?

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  1. The whole thing is strange. I don’t really get it.

    Personally, I love to learn about the histories of various cultures, because I feel that if we look deeply enough, we can get a glimpse into the Babel dispersal and the resulting table of nations. With modern genetic testing, there are clues to relationships between people groups that are somewhat surprising. This has nothing to do with the popular DNA testing services that individuals pay for snapshots of their ethnic origins. The testing I’m talking about involves Y chromosome studies which show linkages going back many years and bear the traces of Babel.

    Religions and belief systems also provide some clues to how people groups dispersed. It would seem that in much of Asia, Yoga is practiced. Therein lies a bit of an enigma, because on one level, Yoga is basically a series of isometric exercises. On another level, these poses and positions seem to have roots in idolatry and worship of false deities. Yoga, as it is commonly taught in the US, is fairly secular, but they always see, to sneak in some cultural aspect of it, which may be tied to religious practices no Christian would want to go near. I’m not sure where to draw the line, except to say that I want no part of idolatry.

    1. Tracing back to Babel would be cool to see how that goes. I bought a book from Answers in Genesis that was all about the Tower of Babel and how the Lord forced people to spread over the earth. I see all people as coming from Noah’s family and that we all are brothers and sisters from way back. We are one race and due to the genetics that was spread out from Babel we come in different colors, shapes, and sizes but we are all one blood. Really.

    2. I have a friend who has made his living teaching stretching and has a best-selling book on the subject. He has nothing to do with yoga, just healthy living. Through the years professional sports teams have hired him for his expertice.

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