‘The Long-Term Necessity of Building the Kingdom’

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This is a timely Chalcedon blog piece from Mark Rushdoony. Very timely!


We try to solve the world’s problems with worldly solutions; but we–and our sin–are the source of all the problems. That’s why they can’t be fixed from the outside. As long as we insist on doing things our way instead of God’s, Mark writes, “everything will go wrong.” As it’s been this year, so far.

“Until we build the Kingdom, first of all in ourselves [emphasis added], nothing will go right.”

Something to think about–deeply.

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  1. How very true. I have been sharing these things in our weekly Bible study groups. The Holy Spirit of God has to have His way if anything positive is to be accomplished. The Father’s business is our commission and we need to get serious about that, leaving all the trivia and distraction behind.

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