‘White Prof Calls for “White Genocide”‘ (2016)

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In case anyone has forgotten–see? Left-wing loons have been talking up violence for years, agitating for it, hoping for it, rooting for it, wanting it. And now they’ve got it.

White Prof Calls for ‘White Genocide’

They’re doing their utmost to bring this country down. Really. Not a figure of speech.

Sponsored entirely by the Democrat Party, which expects to receive your vote this November.

Wait’ll you see what you receive from them.

10 comments on “‘White Prof Calls for “White Genocide”‘ (2016)

    1. This is what the Democrats have been working for, for years. Now they’ve got what they wanted. It only remains to blame it all Trump and get the stupid voters to vote them into power., And this time it’ll be for keeps; they will take steps to make sure they can never be voted out.

      We asked for it, didn’t we?

    2. Exactly. If these people get their way, they won’t like what happens to them at the hands of whomever is the power behind all of this.

  1. I will never take a knee except before my Lord Jesus Christ. White guilt and black race baiters are the real problem. The Left uses all this chaos and appeal to emotion to further their lust for power.

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