‘When My Work Ain’t So Much Fun’ (2017)

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The Democrat establishment has kneecapped Bernie Sanders (again!), but his ideas have saturated the party. The only question between them was “Which do we prefer–stealth socialism or openly-declared socialism?”

When My Work Ain’t So Much Fun

We are paying the real price now for years and years of letting leftists and idiots “educate” our children. Escaping the consequences of this folly will be extraordinarily difficult.

I read things like Bernie Sanders’ book so I can understand where the enemy is coming from and try to mobilize Christians against his plan.

Not an enjoyable job; but someone has to do it.

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  1. The Left is a secular-humanism revolutionary movement that seeks power, and when they achieve it milk it for all it’s worth. They were going full blast until Trump beat their anointed queen Hillary. Now it’s full-on warfare to get rid of Trump and continue being progressively successful in using the ruck for it’s goal of world dominion. All that is now happening is the effort to unseat Trump – don’t let it happen. Keep up the good work, Lee.

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